Who is Growler?


I’m Tom and I like draught beer. Particularly draught beer that is made only a few miles away. It’s a trait I’ve inherited from my dad and one I want to share with everyone. 

I started Growler to bring the great draught experiences of the pub to people and while my inspiration may have started with draught beer, we’re also bringing draught cocktails with us too. Creating a delivery service that brings the freshest pours right to you, wherever you are. 

I have outlined a few key questions below but if there's anything you'd like to ask then please get in touch at tom@getgrowler.com and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

What do you mean by draught?

Draught is anything pulled from a keg, barrel or cask.

Historically it was just beer, but today that means pretty much anything. Including wine and cocktails.

How does Growler work?

We have two models – beer subscription and drinking on demand.

For our subscription model, every Thursday we will bring you a Growler of beer from our local breweries.

For drinking on demand, we’re bringing you cocktails and beer with a same day or next day delivery service.

How big are your Growlers?

You will get 3.3 pints or 8 cans of beer from our 64oz Growlers and 500ml of cocktails from our cocktail growlers.

Who do you partner with?

We work hard to source local suppliers wherever we can and being based in Bermondsey has given us an amazing opportunity to capitalise on what is on our doorstep.

For beer, we have partnered with local breweries across South East London, giving our customers the opportunity to taste the variety of beer on offer..

For cocktails, we’ve partnered with Black Lines cocktails – one of the leaders in draught cocktail making.

How fresh are these drinks?

We have had a specialised Growler tap made for filling our Growlers. This tap purges the Growler of oxygen before filling and then is sealed from the oxygen as it's poured meaning that the beer is stabalised and protected from any ageing.

Simply, this means our beer will remain as fresh as if it was poured in front of you at a pub or a bar for 30 days until you decide to pop the lid and start drinking. Once opened we recommend you drink your beer or cocktails within 24hours to ensure you experience them at their best.

Shipping and delivery

Where do you ship?

We’ve started our shipping Local shipping in South East London in the following postcodes:

SE1, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE8, SE10, SE11, SE13, SE14, SE15, SE16, SE17, SE21, SE22, SE23, SE24, SE26, SW1, SW4, SW8, SW9

We also offer wider London shipping within a 7mile radius of our home, including the following post codes:

E1, E1W E2, E3, E5, E8, E9, E13, E14, E15, E16, E20, EC, N1, N1C, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N15, N16, N19, NW1, NW2, NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8, NW10, NW11, SE6, SE7, SE12, SE19, SE20, SE25, SE26, SE27, SW2, SW3, SW5, SW7, SW10, SW11, SW12, W1, W1A, W1B, W1C, W1D, W1F, W1G, W1H, W1J, W1K, W1S, W1T, W1U, W1W, W2, W3, W4, W6, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, W14, WC, CR4, CR7

If we don't currently deliver to you, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

When do you ship?

We delivery on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

All subscription orders will be delivered weekly on Thursday.

If the sun is shining we'll remain flexible with some on demand orders to make sure you get the freshest drinks delivered to you when you need it most! (e.g. when the suns shining and your park beers and prosecco are too warm!)

If there's a special event you'd like us to supply Growlers for please get in touch.

How much does shipping cost?

Delivery costs vary depending on your region. For local delivery the charge is £4.99, for wider London it is £6.99

What if I'm not in?

If you are not going to be in, please let us know prior to your delivery and we will do our best to re-arrange.

If you are on a subscription model and away for any reason please log on and let us know.

Do I need to prove my age to shop with you?

Yes. We encourage responsible drinking and will therefor need you to confirm your age when you enter our site and our delivery drivers will be challenge 25 trained so may ask to show valid ID on delivery.


How much does subscription cost? 

There is an ongoing weekly cost of £17 plus £4.99 per delivery.

When will I be charged?

Your subscription will be charged weekly on a Thursday. 

Can I change the frequency of my delivery?

Yes, we currently offer weekly and fortnightly delivery options for subscription.

Can I skip or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can skip or cancel your subscription at any time before the cut-off on Thursday.

Refunds & returns

Can I request a refund?

Yes of course, we want to ensure all our products meet your expectation so if anything is damaged or faulty please get in touch. 

Returning empty Growlers

We are passionate about sustainability and therefore strongly encourage the return of our Growlers. Not only does this create a circular growler network but it also helps protect the planet. Reducing waste packaging and removing litter from our streets.

Once returned we will thoroughly wash and reuse our Growlers keeping the good times going.